Your Optimum Weight Now $1,295 $895

You don’t need another diet. In fact, Never Diet Again!

No more counting calories, macros, points.

No need for expensive pills, meal plans, costly diet foods or surgery.

There are reasons why it’s harder to lose weight after 45 and it is not due to lack of will power or eating less and less.

Your Optimum Weight Now is a holistic, proven 8-week system to reach and maintain your Optimum Weight.

The key to long term success is using a sustainable practice-based approach to building healthier habits into your life, one day at a time.

Daily accountability, support and weekly one-on-one sessions to keep  you on track and reaching your Optimum Weight.

Money Back Guarantee*! If you don’t lose weight, I will refund your money.

Now what have you got to lose, but some weight, frustration, confusion and overwhelm!

*Certain conditions apply

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