The Rise Up & Shine Podcast

The Rise Up & Shine podcast was created for women who are in the throws of motherhood to the woman living in an empty nest. Most of us, if not all I dare to say, have never been taught the HOW when it comes to handling our emotions when difficulty and stress happen. And pretty soon, as life gets filled with more responsibility and never-ending to-dos, we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and unhappy. And, before we know it we’re stuck. Wondering how we got here and desiring to feel more peace and calm in our life.

My dear friend and fellow life coach Ashley and I have been there. I have raised four children to adulthood and am learning to enjoy this next chapter and Ashley has two school-aged children. Throughout our own personal journeys, we have experienced overwhelm, burnout, anxiety and depression, not knowing what to do and so desperately wanting to experience God’s peace and rest that He promises.

We both have gained invaluable knowledge and tools through our experiences, counseling and research that we each decided to go into life coaching and the Rise Up & Shine podcast was born.

We are passionate to help women experience life to the full rather than life full of overwhelm, frustration and shame.

Each episode is designed to help women walk through challenging times with grace and confidence and help them achieve the goals they have for their life. We talk about all the things. From wellness and identity, marriage and relationships, to goals and confidence and everything between. Enjoy!

Surrender VS. Settle

Episode #117 How do you know if you are surrendered or settling? In a relationship? At work? With your kids?

The Power of an Apology

Episode #116 Is it hard for you to apologize? What if you believe you didn’t do any wrong? Coming off

You Could Be Wrong

Episode #115 Is it easy for you to admit you might be wrong sometimes? If your answer is yes, I

The Power of Yet

Episode #113 Life is just plain hard sometimes, isn’t it? You put so much time, energy and effort into your

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