You know that there is more to this life. A life full of peace, love and joy.

Peace of mind, loving relationships, coping skills for those stressful days.

You want to apply the principles, but you’re not sure how.

That’s where The Courage Club comes in.
Group coaching and monthly topics where we focus
on an area of our lives that really matter.

Together with other like-minded members,
you can find support as we dive deeper in the journey of living life to the full.

courage club group of women


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The Courage Club is for You, If You Want to...

Monthly Topics include

Increase Your Emotional Wellbeing

Learn how emotions are created and felt. Learn the tools that help me and others create peace and joy on a daily basis.

Love and Connection (with Self and Others)

Learn how to grow and nurture an accepting and loving relationship with yourself and others.

Build Your Self-Esteem

Learn how to believe in yourself. Find confidence in your decision making.


Learn how to forgive your self and others. Find the release and peace when you forgive. Monthly topics include a video class, monthly worksheets and topic specific Live coaching call.

Bonus Content

Each month, you will have access to one additional do-on-your-own Class

Classes include:

  • Your O.W.N. (Optimum Weight Now) – a weight loss and management tool
  • Time Management – Learn how to manage your time to get things done with less stress and overwhelm
  • Entrepreneurship – From Idea to Business