Hello there!

I’m Claudine and I help empty nest moms discover themselves and make the second half of life the best half!

Has your nest become empty? Or maybe it’s about to.
This season of transition can be a challenging time
Are you wondering, “Now what?”

You have happily given all of yourself – your time, energy and even your emotions,
to your children for decades.
And suddenly, you are stuck. What do I do now?
If you want guidance, encouragement and support,

I am here for you!


A time to rediscover your desires and passions.


A time to reconnect with yourself and your relationships.


A time to design a life you love living that brings joy and peace.

I’m a faith-filled woman, wife, and mother of four adult children. I know what it feels like when you suddenly get “fired” from the job you’ve loved having for decades.

Only a few years ago, my youngest moved out and I remember thinking “Now what?” I felt lost and confused, without direction. What had been my day to day life for over 25 years had come to an end.

After finding the courage to hire a life coach, I finally found peace, purpose and deeper connections with my husband and my adult children.

Everything changed for me and I know how it can change for you too!

And it’s as easy as 1-2-3

Curious what having a life coach in your corner can do for you? Join me for a free Discovery call where we’ll come up with a personalized plan to help you get want to be.

Start using the tools you learned from the call to take down the roadblocks that keep you from feeling amazing and from building your dream life.

If you find yourself needing additional coaching, sign up for 1-to-1 coaching or my small group coaching program specifically designed for empty nest moms.