Are you an Empty Nester? (Or soon to be)

Hi there, I’m Claudine

and I help Mid-Life Moms

who are ready to feel



and Connected

With a few simple steps and strategies, you can feel better, live better and love better!

Imagine a life where you feel CALM and centered, even when your kids are out of the house and making their own decisions. Instead of worrying or feeling anxious, you feel peaceful and can focus on things that make you happy and help you reconnect with your passions.

Imagine a life where you feel CONFIDENT, even when you're feeling lost and confused about your identity now that the kids are grown. Instead of doubting yourself, you look forward to this new chapter with curiosity and excitement. You make decisions with clarity and ease.

Imagine a life where you feel deeply CONNECTED to your grown-up kids and your spouse (who might feel more like a roommate these days) and others. Instead of feeling distant (geography or the drift), you can talk openly, understand each other and overcome stumbling blocks.

Since working with Claudine, my marriage has gone through an incredible transformation.

My thoughts about my husband were keeping me hurt and discouraged.

After working on my thought patterns, my emotions changed and ultimately my marriage - A.D.

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