Just like you, I am seeking to live life to the full – full of love, joy and peace.
As a busy wife, momma, Master Life Coach and author, my life is full alright. And not so long ago, it was full of all the wrong things.

In 2008 when the Real Estate market crashed, my husband and I both lost our primary income source from real-estate. During that time we lost our investments (real estate and other) and almost lost our home. During the financial battles that waged around us, two of our children went through incredibly challenging times that caused anguish and pain like only a momma can feel. My health suffered, my mental and my spiritual well-being suffered; It was as though every part of my being was being torn down to the studs. I suffered from depression, disease, doubts, despair, debt and disillusionment – the Dastardly D’s I call them.

And I was stuck in them all! Hopeless and in pain.

Something had to change and, while I could wait for my circumstances to change, I somehow sensed that these changes needed to begin within.

I had to find clarity, focus and strength to transform and create the life I desired.

I spent the next two years digging my way out of this dark hole for the sake of my family and with the belief and faith that there was a better life waiting for me. I found support through my coach, hundreds of books, workshops, seminars, podcasts, and webinars, and I discovered the tools that have helped me live a confident, successful and authentic life.

Today I have the honor of helping women achieve the results they desire in all areas of their life – the areas that matter most to them.