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I'm Claudine

Just Like You, I am Seeking

To Live Life to the Full!

Full Of Purpose, Joy and Peace.

But when my nest was finally empty,

I was feeling anything but purpose, joy and peace!

It was not so long ago that the last of my four children moved out of our home.

I remember when they were young, I would dream of all the free time I would have when they grew up.

And while I had more free time than ever, I found myself purposeless, lost, lonely and disconnected from my spouse (what would we do or talk about now that the kids were gone?)

I remember feeling sad, worried about the kids and a little confused of what to do with all this free time.

It took several years, lots of reading, attending lots of workshops and working with a coach, but I learned the tools and practices that helped me:

Rediscover me (what did I like to do? To eat?),

Renew my mind and

Reset my emotions.

I Found Clarity, Focus and Strength To Transform And Create The Life I Desired.

Today, I Have the Fulfilling Calling of Helping Women Achieve the Results They Desire in the Areas of Their Life That Matter Most to Them.

It’s no coincidence that you are here….. Maybe you can relate to some of this. Maybe not. Maybe everything is going great and yet you feel like something is missing – that you are living life, but not quite to the full.

The truth is we are not meant to go about making our dream life a reality by ourselves. We need support, a guide and an accountability partner. We all need someone in our corner who understands and has the tools of transformation. We all need a coach.

I believe God has created us in His image; we are creators, and we have the power to use our minds to create the results we want for our life.

Our loving God placed those desires in your heart for a purpose. “Plans fall apart without proper advice; but with the right guidance, they come together nicely.” - Proverbs 15:22​

If You’re Ready to Live Life to The Full and to Make the Second Half the Best Half, It's Time to Invest in Yourself.

What could be more worth it than your life?

Like me, perhaps it’s time to finally listen to the still, small voice inside you that is calling you for change, nudging you.

Learn to trust your spirit. And if you are ready to feel better, live better and love better, I’m here to help.

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