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Finding Purpose When the Kids are Grown

February 20, 20232 min read

Are you wondering how to start finding purpose as an empty nester?

You've spent years, decades even, caring for your family.

  • Their schedule was your schedule.

  • Their desires and dreams became your desires and dreams.

You happily gave your time, your energy and your heart to raise these wonderful children of yours.

But now they are gone or about to head off to college. And you wonder what now?

You will always be mom, that role won't change. But what to do with this newfound time on your hands. And what about all these new emotions you may be feeling: loss, sadness, anxiety and the like.

Rediscovering what else you may love to do is an opportunity that can feel like a challenge.

We are created to serve a purpose. We aren't meant to drift through life. When our kids where home our days were filled with purpose. Rides, help with homework, 3 emails a day, activities.... We were mom, chauffeur, tutor, confidante, cook, coach, therapist and so much more.

And now the house is quiet. And we wonder what to do.

I remember thinking of all the fun things I was going to do when the kids were grown, when my time was mine again. The problem was when they were all finally gone, I had forgotten what I even liked anymore. I had arranged my life around theirs, and their likes were my likes.

So there came a time of rediscovering what I loved, what I valued and what made my heart light up.

Here are a few suggestions that might help you:

  1. Spend some time and list out all your skills and things you may already enjoy.

  2. Consider whether working full-time, part-time, serving as a volunteer or just finding a hobby will be enough for you.

  3. Explore things that interest you that you have never tried but sound like fun.

  4. Lastly, step out on faith that you will find a renewed purpose outside of the wonderful role of "mom" and hopefully one day "grandma".

If you need some support and help rediscovering your passions and purpose, I can help.

I coach empty nest moms who are ready to go from stuck and complacent to courageous and capable in creating a life they love.

Are you ready to make the second half the best half? Schedule a FREE call HERE.

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